February 12 Sony Interactive Entertainment was recorded new brand In the United States: Intergalactic: Heretic ProphetAs can be read, it is connected to the world of video games. Relevant page on the USPTO website (US Patent Office). Hypothesis What does trademark registration hide? It is virtually impossible to extract certainContinue Reading

from beginning to end Steam I drink now discount too much Electronic Arts gamesThe entire Need for Speed ​​saga with discounts of up to 95% and games included for just a few euros. Let's look at a list of the most interesting offers: Star Wars Jedi Survivor – €34.99 BattlefieldContinue Reading

Avalanche released a celebration video related to Hogwarts Legacy including very funny ones insects encountered during development. The film was designed to celebrate the first anniversary of the game, whose success was truly monumental. flying cats Flying cats, characters walking strangely, wizards striking incredible poses while flying on broomsticks, gentleContinue Reading